Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mac Rose romance Haul

So today I really needed to get out of the house. My daughter has been sick for the past two days, She had a really high fever for the past two days. I have a ear infection so it made matters worse because I was in a lot of pain and she was crying non-stop.
I felt like pulling my hair out! Good thing her fever went down and she's feeling a lot better now. Sonia is back to her naughty self again.. I'm still dealing with my ear pain.. Today I felt the need to get out of the house since cabin fever was eating me alive! We went to have Mexican food at this awesome Mexican place in Naples. The best taco's ever!! I'm really not a fan of Mexican food but this place was the sh*t!~
My hubby's favorite place and did I mention it was a hour in a half drive to the place and of course to Mac lol We live on a island so just to get off the island takes about 35 min and another 30 min to get on the highway, then 3o more min to the mall.. lol I wanted to go to Mac to check out the Rose romance collection. I like to see things in person rather then online. I hate shopping online, I hate the wait and things always looks so different online.

I didn't get too crazy as I would have liked too..
Here are just a few things I picked up, Since I will be going to Mac again on Sunday.

My mini Rose romance collection<3> Et tu, Bouquet
Pigment-Mutiny,Circa plum
Rose beauty power-Blush of youth
Might get summer rose on Sunday (Still thinking about it)

Lipstick- A rose romance, Angel, fresh brew. She forgot to add-
Odyssey & way to love, so I will have to get it on Sunday. =( Mac roll case- I might be selling the brush case it's brand spanking new so If anyone would like to buy it let me know. With shipping $40.00 Still in plastic packing

Mac Sculpting powder in palette-Sculpt, shadester & bone biege
Mac powder palette-

Mac lightful deep creme
Mac Strobe creme- Very good for highlighting
Mac brush-#138
Mac brush-#174

My friend Meela that works at mac gave me a stack of their face chart!
Last but not least my chanel foundation & powder. I use Chanel but would like to go back to usin
Mac since it's way cheaper!
Sunday I will be attending Mac Bridal master class..Oh I def. can not wait! I just hope I don't go into labor from now till Sunday lol I've been looking forward to the bridal master class, since I do a lot of bridal makeup. =)


  1. Whee do you live? Hawaii!?

    I'm so glad your daughter is better. I hope you get well soon

    Nice haul. I haven't checked out the collection yet... I want stuff yet I know I don't really 'need' it. Sigh :(

  2. Do you ever get Island fever/sick? :( Living on an island sounds SOOO nice yet I'm scared of limitations

  3. Hey beautiful

    sorry to hear about your daughter...i am glad she is well off to her naughty ways....you have such a beautiful family...your daughter is gunna be a heartbreaker when she grows up...
    i fell bad that you have an ear infection...i swear those hurt the most...i rather be shitting my ass out than have an ear infection...OUCH! hope your getting that in check doll...

    your GORGE!!! how the hell do you have 2 kids with a body like that....insane...im excited to see more of your work...and YAY for living in Miami FL ...i was born in FL...its my birthplace baby...

    please tell me you live on star island...

  4. I'm glad you and your daughter are feeling better!

  5. Heh.. I gave up and got some Rose Romance goodies today. I skipped the BP since I have too many I don't use (AHEM, hello kitty.....!)

    I got Et Tu Bouquet and Of Summer ES. I can't wait to use it :)

    BTW, since you're sooooo awesome, I'm TAGGING you so, you're IT! !

  6. Thank you for being my 100th follower! hoorray!

    You are a beautiful woman and your daughter is adorable! I adore mixed kids/people! hehe =)