Friday, April 24, 2009

Makeup brush review

Here is a photo of my makeup tool belt and of course my brushes.
I still need to buy more brushes most of the brushes are Mac, Chanel, Nars, Body & soul.
I wanted to take more photo's but my camera ran out of batteries lol my daughter was playing with the camera.
My tool belt is getting so full that I needed something else to put them in, I order the Mac roll case coming in this Monday.

So here is my reviews on brushes and what I use most of the time when I'm working:
*Foundation - Body & soul#8 or Mac #190 -Since I do Airbrush makeup I haven't really been able to use any of my foundation brush. =( I still try to put it to use tho.
*Concealer - Mac #195
*Powder-Mac#187 or Mac # 129
*Highlight-Mac #189 Mac # 188
*Brushes for eye lid- * Mac-239 & mac 242
*Eye shadows blending brushes- If you have smaller eye's try -Nars #12 I love this brush!
*Nars #13 is another favorite for creating a smoky look.
*Nars # 14 is great to create a smoky look at the outer corner because it has a really tight tip.
*Body & soul # 3 so great for blending. I swear by this brush and can not live without!
*mac #226 is so much better then mac #222 and Mac # 217
It's about time mac comes out with a smaller blending brush-Mac # 226 is a lot more tight and smaller then the 222 & 217 esp. for people who have smaller eyes like me.
*Smoothing and cleaning up brow bone I use -Mac # 224
I love fan brushes, I use this to clean up any loose or fallen makeup-Mac #184
*Eye liner brush-Mac # 209 or Sonia Kashuk liner brush It's actually better then the mac #209 and a lot cheaper.
*eyebrows-Anastasia angled cut small # 15

So here are some of my favorites, Once I find more time I will be adding more to the list.
I didn't mean to follow myself lol but I'm still new to this whole blog thing..


  1. wow thats alot of brushes, i love your brush collection!

  2. WOW! Your brush collection is SERIOUS! I love it!

  3. WOW! *drools* what a collection, so jealous! :D

    btw, thank you so much for following my blog!


  4. wow tts an amazing brush collection you have there sweety

  5. thank you for the comment! :)

  6. You brush set is to die's amazing!!

  7. wow you have so many brushes! I'm so jealous :D

  8. Thats a lot of brushes :)

    What is that fluffy pink one?

    I'm following your blogger!