Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Makeup over for Jodie

This is Jodie..
Jodie is a beautiful woman who does not wear makeup nor does she know how.
Every time I see her she always ask if I can help her out with buying makeup and doing her makeup of course I love doing makeovers.
I love the look they get once they see what makeup can do to them.

This is why I love doing what I do.. Jodie is a mother of two in her mid 40's
taking care of her two beautiful daughters with a full time job and never has time for herself. Jodie deserved to be pamper and she's such a beautiful person inside and out.
Here is her before and after photo.
Jodie told me she felt and look 10yrs younger =)

Want Jodie's looks-
Foundation was apply by Airbrush makeup. Which gave her a really nice flawless coverage.
I know a lot of people don't use airbrush makeup but another favorite foundation of mine is -
*Mac Studio Sculpt Spf 15 foundation
If you do not want to spend that much on foundation then you can pick up -
*L'oreal true blend foundation
-conceal any pimples/dark area esp under your eye
*Mac select cover up
Groom & shade in your brows ladies, If your scare to do it yourself then have a professional do it for you .
I use eye shadow to shade in Jodie's brow, use any *Small angle brush
I find Eye shadow look's more natural then a eye brow pencil.
Prep eye with Mac paint pot in *painterly
On her lids I used Mac-Naked Lunch
Crease of eyes -mac tempting eyeshadow
Outer crease of eye - blend mac espresso eyeshadow to the outer corner of eye to give a smoky look.
Under her eye bone I used mac rice paper
using a cream eyeliner on her top lashline
line bottom eyes with any black eyeliner pencil and go over with a couple coat of mascara. My pick for mascara is cover girls lash blast
Mac Flirt & tease
I contour her cheeks with a bronzer in Mac Golden
Powder- My all time favorite is Mac Blot powder
For her lips-
Lipliner in -Plum
Lipstick in-Viva glam VI a clear coat lip gloss in the middle of her lips, to create a fuller look.
I highlighted her face with Mac belightful in Iridescent powder (a must have ladies)
I put this on top of the blush to give her a glowing look but not over doing it.
A little goes a long way.


xoxo Julie

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  1. yr really sweet and you did a great job babe :)