Sunday, April 26, 2009

My family! keeps getting bigger =)

Sonia lovess playing with makeup. Like mother like daughter lol I use to play with my mom's makeup all the time when I was a kid. My mom said she totally get's it from me.

My other son Bambam

My hubby & me wif our little princess
missing our little handsome prince in this photo.
He was in the wedding so he was busy taking pictures with the bride/groom.

My two beautiful kids

My son Kai & baby girl Sonia

My daughter Sonia.

I'm a full time mom/wifey to my hubby & kids and another one on the way. I have about 3 weeks left to go before I give birth.I work full time as a manager for
two different company which has nothing to do with makeup once so ever.
I manage a tire/wheel business for my hubby, which I have to deal with dude's
everyday and just because your a woman they think I have no clue about tires or wheels. Yet I know a lot more then a lot of the males I work with.. They just think just because your a woman you have no clue when it comes to car. It's my full time job from Monday-Friday along with being a house wife and on the weekend I'm busy with my makeup.. I had to put it on hold till I give birth, I'm totally itching to do makeup though. I don't want to do it on myself right now since I look and feel so fat.. Although I know it's baby fat, I still would rather wait till I get back to my regular self. I keep telling myself just a few weeks to go =) As for now I will be posting up some of my clients photo's a lot is bridal makeup since I do a lot of bridal makeup. Only thing with bridal makeup is that you can't get all dramatic. It's more of a natural/glam makeup.Still fun though.. Well anyways here are some photo's of me and my family, thought I share it with you guys..

k much love!



  1. such a beautiful family! i love that juicy doggie bag, super cute!

  2. You're absolutely gorgeous! Lil Sonia's gonna turn grow up as hot as her mama :)

    Are you having a boy or girl? I hope I can have a hot body like you after I have kids in the future :)

  3. Your gorgeous and i love ur hair. Your truly blessed with a beautiful family! ;)

  4. you are such a glam mummy! :) only if my mum were that cool and trendy! lol

    my best friend is due to give birth in about two months! she's so scared though - she can't stop talking about wanting to get the baby out of her stomach! LOL

  5. OMG you're such a gorgeous mommy! And your family looks gorgeous too :)