Thursday, April 23, 2009

Natural day time makeup

A lot of people always me for a day time look. Well here it is ladies!
For day time look it's about looking natural and fresh.

Ladies it's very import to use foundation, reason I say this is because we all have discoloration. This is where Foundation and concealer comes in place.
Moisturize -Use daily . Moisturizing will keep your face hydrated & Protecting your face fr om the sun and from every day damages.
any moisturizers will do-always stick to something that works for you.
Product that I use to on her:

-Mac Studio fluid spf 15
-Mac select cover up- go one/two shade lighter then your foundation when picking out a concealer.
Apply foundation all over face. conceal any area that you want to cover. A little goes a long way.
-Mac paint pot in -bare study all over eyes.
Using your mac brush # 239 pat on mac eyeshadow in Brule over your lids.
With mac brush # 222 apply mac Charcoal Brown on your crease
apply Ground Brown to outer corner of eyes. this is to create contrast and make your eyes appear bigger.
Going in with brush #224 apply
mac Bisque on brow bone, clean up any harsh line.
Using any cream eyeliner apply on lash line & with a black eyeliner pencil on bottom lash.
With a small tip brush apply mac brule shadow on bottom of yours eyes.
put on a few coat of mascara of course, top lash n bottom lash.
cheeks -springsheen-
mac bronzer in golden
highlight face with belightful just above where you apply your blush this will give you a really nice glow.
mac lip liner in Subculture
lipstick-Mac hug me

So here is my everyday look, hope you all enjoy! If you have any question plz feel free to leave me a comment! Another thing..
you don't have to use all Mac product, Use what ever you have in your makeup kit. Have fun with this look!


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