Friday, May 15, 2009

Cathleen photo shoot

Wish Noah would of remember to do a up closer shot of her makeup. It was so much brighter and a lot more colors to it. I will try to find a closer photo of her makeup.
Cathleen loved how soft and fresh her face looked-Airbrush makeup.
Cathleen before-

I'm so tired!I have been trying to work on my website, It's so much work to it! I mean picking out the templates,color and ect! Wow my head hurts! Usually I would have my husband do all the dirty work but this time I wanted to be more hands on.
My website is going to be of course for my makeup service and a long with selling jewelry.
I also have a partner in crime, which is my lovely sister Mimi who is also a mua. Mimi also specialize in airbrush makeup. With a teacher like me you can't go wrong lol jk
Once the website is ready I will def love for all of your feed back ladies! My sister and I will also be doing a contest to celebrate our relaunch of our website!
We are working on the contest and our give away prize's!
So please keep on following =) I wanted to Thank all of my followers! I just sign up for my blog about 3 weeks ago and now have over 100 followers=) I'm very lucky to have meet so many beautiful and talented ladies on here! You guys are so wonderful!
My sister is flying here next week to help me out with the kiddo's and were going to announce our contest then! We have so many idea's.
Here is another one of my makeup, I promise to get a closer picture of her makeup. I just have to go threw her photo's.

Cathleen-I gave her soft lips and soft pink blush and made her beautiful eye pop with bright beautiful purples shadows.

Just thought I share another makeover with you guys! my advice for anyone who wants to become a mua- If your just starting out,
My advice to you guys is sit your friends/family down and practice on them! Doing makeup on yourself is one thing but working on someone else is totally different.
You have to really take a step back and see what features you want to bring out of them.There will be times where their not always going to like what you did to them but that's the best part. It will make you want to be better at what you do.
Practice makes prefect!
Well I hope you guys have been enjoying my makeover's! I know I'm not the best mua out there but I truly love doing what I do and to me that's all that matters!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!




  1. she looks great! i hope you can find a close up picture! you're so talented! <3 mwah!

  2. Beautiful job!! I am excited for you & your sis. Nice she's going to help you out too!

  3. ur an amazing make up artist as usual :)