Sunday, May 17, 2009

Felica's photo shoot
Felica's makeup by yours truly -Julie

Felica before- This is her usually.

Some of you may have seen Felica's on HBO Bunny ranch.
She contacted my husband to do a photo shoot for her, At first I wasn't to thrill about it since she was always complimenting him on every single email.
(not photography related or anything)
Went to pick her up at the airport with the hubby first thing she said was so are you guys like a couple or something? I just looked at her n started laughing.. I thought to myself no comment! I later joked to my husband and said it must be because she likes your Porsche! Good thing I'm not a crazy jealous bitch or else.. lol gotta have my makeup face on grrr! hahaha

Onto the makeup I applied on her, I wanted to add colors to her but yet give her a bombshell look still cause thats what she wanted. One thing I wanted to fix was the eyebrow but that was totally out of my power.
This look had blues,green and white frost with a touch of nylon to highlight her brow bone. Felica has really beautiful blue eyes and I didn't want to do black eyeliner on her bottom eye's cause it will take away from her blue eyes. I went with a blue liner instead and went in half way with the blue e/s and half with the green e/s
Applying mascara on bottom eyelashes are so important, It def make's the eyes appear more bigger.
Shooting outdoor meaning you have to be prepare to keep retouching the model up. A lot of woman I work with love to lick their lips, meaning I would have to keep retouching their lips up all the time.
This is where the mac belt comes in handy! It has pockets in the front where you can put your powder's and lipstick in and most importantly do not forget to put eyelash glue in your tool belt! I say this because when working outdoor the wind and sun is against you and eyelashes will be flying!
I have had this happen to me many times.

This is going to be my last blog till everything gets less crazy, since I'm preparing for the birth of my daughter.
I haven't even packed my hospital bag yet! I have so much preparation to do still. Such as getting the house ready for the baby and cleaning and turning the house upside down!
This time around my parents won't be able to come down to help out so therefore my in law's are driving down to help us out. Mother in law got us a nanny and a house keeper for the couple of days that I will be in the hospital. Which is going to help me out so much!
I still wish my parent's would be here =( Good thing is my sister will be here to help out with the kiddo's . So Tuesday is the big day! I will be heading to the hospital at 5:00am for my inducement! ahhh I've been so scare although it's my third baby and all.. Still... Child labor is sooo painful!
I'm just praying for a fast delivery and of course a healthy baby girl.


  1. Hey beautiful love your work!! Just wanna to let you know I'm showing you so love on my page! :)

  2. awww, i'm a new follower. love the page so far. LOL to her. You did a fab job! Congrats to you hvaing a baby!

  3. i like it! the e/s reminds me of Tinkerbell somehow! :D

  4. wow! you did a good job to your models.. they came out flawless and pretty!

  5. Hey girl I know you already got an award but I had to mention you again on my page =)

    Thats a funny story about that girl.
    Oh and I'm so excited for you. I hope everything goes smoothly =)

  6. You did a great job. She looks a lot younger when you were done. Props for handling the whole situation w/the hubby & the bunny!!

    Sending prayers for a safe & healthy delivery! I will miss your posts, can't wait till you get back.


  7. Wow, the before and after shots... *WOW* She looks so old in the before shot!!

    Good luck with your delivery! I'll miss you :(

  8. Bunny Ranch? LOL..i heard about that place. Whatta funny story! your hubby mustve been so grossed out! eeeww.

    the anticipation of the arrival of your new baby must be exciting! can't wait for her to be here and can't wait for you to be back!

  9. Jux wanna tell you that i gave u an award on my page. =]

  10. #1 you are gorgeous, #2 I love your post, very funny, #3 great make overs!
    Loving your blog. Come stop my mine for a look around. Hope to see you soon!
    x Belle

  11. oh I love her make up!! It's so fierce! It must be so exciting having a baby girl, can't wait to hear from you again :)