Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finding the right hair color

my top two favorite hair color
Look Pink it's our top! lol My sister and me
More brown with less highlight
This is my favorite hair color by far..
Half blond and dark. Really hard to keep up with.
This is when my hair was more dark with just a lil highlight and bangs
I love love this for my dry thirsty hair!
So other then makeup I love to change my hair color.. As you all can see.. I can't seem to stick to one color, even though my hair is probaly gonna fall out.. hahah
Finding the right color can be a pain in the ass.. I'm very very picky when it comes to hair color.
I envy other woman who look so damn hot wif black hair.
(Would also save me so much money $$)
When my hair is dark, everyone tells me I look evil! Esp my son and brother lol I guess they are so use to seeing me with light hair.
I also have try out so many hair product but what seem to work for my thirsty dry hair is sunsilk.. Weird huh and it's cheap too! I swr by this product cause If I don't put in the sunsilk leave in conditioning, forget it! I wouldn't even be able to brush my hair.

So if you color your hair often try try the sunsilk collection!
There isn't a rule when it comes to hair color.. Change it up and have fun with it..
I have tons of pix with other hair color but kinda too lazy to upload them..
A good tip- Find a really really good hairstylish someone who's been doing color for a very very long time.

have a great day everyone!


  1. You look so good with all those hair colors! I love the highlights on you! I love Sunsilk products too, the shampoos and conditioners are so cheap and great for my hair!

  2. love ALL your hair colors, and btw, i use that sunsilk product. and i LOVE it!

  3. you're sooo sexy <3 i like the half blonde and dark :D

  4. oh what pretty hair! And you are sooo pretty!

  5. Can I call you a MILF? :)

    You're sooo pretty!!! I really like the darker brown + blondish highlight look.

  6. omigosh i loveee the one with the sun on your face and you look soo uber good ;D really pretty girl!

  7. OMG!! Seriously, you're so hot!!! your sister is also gorgeous!! :)

  8. the last picture you look hot!

  9. the last picture looks good!!! what camera do you use??

  10. wow you're absolutely stunning!
    & thanks for the tips! i'm gonna give sunsilk a try coz i dye my hair every 4 months, they grow too fast :( & yeah they're really hard to brush.

  11. wow! you're so pretty! I really like your hair in the last photo.

  12. i had that half blonde half dark hair too... and yes, it was such a task to keep up! i lasted about a year and i couldn't do it anymore. thanks for the heads up w/sunsilk... my hair is THIRSTYYY!

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