Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mac haul and Bugaboo stroller (great mix)

My mother's day gift to myself. lol
Sonia's & Chloe's new ride-

Made a trip to the mall with my daughter yesterday. At first it seemed like a good idea, but once I parked the car got the stroller out I was already tired-hot & in pain! I was thinking to myself oh man If my husband found out that I'm at the mall right now I would never be able to hear the end of it.
Good thing I bought myself a new stroller! The old one I have was a pain in the butt! It was heavy and so hard to control! I told myself If it's one thing I need for the new baby is a stroller! A really light weight stroller that handles well and that is sleek & stylish! Also I wanted a stroller where I'll be able to add a attach seat for Sonia without it being so heavy to push and of course a bassinet for the Chloe.
After doing some research I finally bought my dream stroller lol Yes now a day stroller cost as much as a down payment for a car!
So I ended up buying the cameleon bugaboo stroller-$800.00
(You think for the price you would get all of these accessories) nope..
tailored canvas stroller set-$100.00 & Sun breeze canopy-$40.00 Custom made liner-$90.00 $80.00 for Attach seat for Sonia.$44.00 for the attachment for the car seat.
(Having a baby priceless)
I can't believe I spent this much for a stroller! Well worth it though since this is going to be my last baby! My body can't afford to have any more babies! After giving birth it will take me about 2 yrs to recover from my pubic bone separation. Pubic bone separation only happens 1 in 9,000 pregnancy so lucky me! When I had Sonia I was on best rest the whole time and after giving birth to her it took me about a year to recover yet never fully recover. So this pregnancy is going to take a lot longer to recover.
A lot of people ask me does it hurt... Ummm hell the F*** yea it does! I mean you can't sit,stand,walk or lay it hurt's period 24-7

Anyways beside spending a arm & a leg on the stroller. I manage to stop by the cco store with Sonia.
I was able to pick up some mac makeup, I like buying stuff that I either 1 forget to buy or just never thought about getting at the time. so here is some stuff I was able to pick up for myself. My mothers day gift to myself lol

I wanted to wish all the beautiful momma's and mom's to be a very Happy mother days! Everyday should be mothers day! =)

Mac product that I bought-
Mineraliza sheersheen powder-lucent ( Love this)
Shadowy lady e/s 4x- I know stupid me should have gotten it with my pro discount at the time it came out! grrr
rose blanc e/s
lotusisland e/s
sweetness blush-so pretty and pink.
*Swatches coming soon..


  1. Nice haul and I'm glad you got a new stroller, you deserve it cuz you're one hot mama :)

  2. i like your mac haul! ooo new stroller!

  3. wow i didnt know strollers these days cost that much!? lol well its probably a really great stroller, and ur right, there are alot of heavy strollers out there, (and its a pain in the buttt) lol that one really looks light weight. so thats a good thing, and i love the haul! i still need to go treat myself with some makeup! haha..

  4. wow...the stroller is so expensive!!! but the good thing is u won't be in pain no more! :)

  5. I love the colors its so pretty!

  6. Oooh what a great Haul, I love love MAC! And I didn't know that strollers are so expensive!

  7. oh goodness! i feel you on the whole stoller thing! I too get worked up from taking the stroller in and out of the car. Not only that, add on the luggage you have to carry around for your baby! esp if your bottle feeding.