Monday, May 25, 2009

Mac Heatherette Eye shadow sale!

Brand new never used Mac Heatherette eye shadow for sale-
Trio 1 -Hoppin, Mood ring, Cloudburst
You will not be able to find this limited edition Heatherette eye shadow anywhere else! This is a rare find! This is the only one I have so when it's gone it's gone!

Heatherette eye shadow trio 1-$60.00

Payment- Paypal only

If you would like to purchase please email me at-


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  2. This is my price and If you can find it else where for a cheaper price go for it! =)

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  4. hey babe

    how is you doiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!! have you popped yet!!! i just wante dto let you know that my little package of love is on its way...i sent to the home addy so keep your eyes peeled...


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  6. Hi! I just read a few blogs below that you were prepping for ur new daughter! COngratulations! I had no i dea you were pregnant!! Thats wonderful!

    May you have a safe & smooth labor! And most of all, a healthy baby and mommy!

    Hope to see you back soon!