Thursday, May 14, 2009

Makeover -Marisol

Above is Marisol with Airbrush makeup.
This is when I didn't discover airbrush makeup yet. I apply her makeup by regular foundation.

Marisol before-

I have work with Marisol on a lot of different project, She is a wonderful host/vj, model/dancer. Marisol has grace mtv and Miami beach channel and so much more.. this girl is very talented & smart!
I love working with Marisol, She can pull off any look.
Although she's a model/television host she still needs makeup, Makeup plays such a big role in our lives. When I first started working with Marisol she didn't really like to take care of her face and she had a lot of wrinkles on her forehead. Yet she's only in her 20's
Every time she would wrinkle up her forehead I always slap her ! I told her you better stop it before you have to go under the knife at such a young age! lol
She also tans a lot which also causes early signs of wrinkle. After giving her so much crap she broke her bad habits.

The second photo is when I didn't discover airbrush makeup yet, but I still like it though. I love how her blush came out and you can really see where I highlighted her face. Which is right above where I apply her blush.
I use Mac belightful to highlight her face. I love love Mac belightful.. It's my go to when it comes to highlighting. You can't go wrong! It gives the prefect glow even for a daytime look.
I kept her look simple because this was for barrio305 Tv.
I love the bronze look on the eyes, It works for anyone actually. I wanted it to be fun so I just added some teal e/s on her bottom lash line. Enough to make her eyes pop.

The top picture of Marisol was apply by airbrush makeup. I wanted this look to be more soft and romantic. I love how her face is just glowing. See ladies even models needs makeup. Reason I like to share makeovers with you all is to show you ladies that everyone is beautiful in their own special way!
Marisol told me no mua can make her look the way I make her look.. That is such a wonderful compliment esp. when she works with tons of other mua.
(She is hiring me for her wedding also) lol
I still have a lot to learn about makeup and I always want to be better at what I do. I started doing makeup on myself at the age of 3 lol
My mom had this amazing makeup collection and for me it was like a kid in a candy shop.
Makeup is def. a woman's best friend! Makeup plays a big role for me! A face is a bare canvas and it's always beautiful to be able to add some color's to bring out our inner beauty!
Next time your at home bored bring out your makeup ladies play around with it n have fun! That's the best part about being a woman! I taught myself and yet I don't think I'm the best mua out there but I know for a fact that I love to make other woman feel good about them self. That for me is priceless!

Photo credit to my husband- Noah Otalvaro


  1. She's so pretty! What did you do for the wrinkles? I ahve become very afraid of sun damage. I live in Cali, the sun is very strong, even in winter.

  2. the airbrush effect looks good! man i wish im that good!

  3. She looks gorgeous! You're so talented! I wish u live by me so u can do my makeup for my best friends wedding :) I want that airbrush effect. hehe.

  4. i love it! you live such an amazing work with the coolest people!

  5. Air brush or not they both look great on her!

  6. loving all your makeovers! awsome work!

  7. hey doll

    no worries...i just got some for you to send your addy over
    MUUUUUY CALIENTE...she is the model with the hydro dumps...ME LIKKKKKE!!!

  8. I live in Gulf Breeze. It's up north in the Pan Handle next to Pensacola.. I don't know if that helps haha. I live in the boonies but with a beach =)

  9. Oh yeah! where I live is like the retirement getaway place for them. I think its just Florida in general =)

  10. wow, i can see why airbrush makeup is so highly talked about. it's so pretty!

  11. I'm glad your model broke out of her "bad" habits and listened to you. She's absolutely beautiful :)

  12. she is gorgeous! and you are very talented :)

  13. Amazing skills from you and your hubby!!! =]