Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Ebony's After-Airbrush makeup

Ebony's before-

Here is another one of my makeover. This is Ebony, She doesn't wear much makeup and never had her makeup apply professionally before.
Ebony is a beautiful girl and I felt that I just needed to bring her inner beauty out. Another thing when working with a woman that don't wear much or no makeup at all you don't want to pile it on for them esp for the first time.
I apply her makeup with Airbrush & airbrush her eye brows as well. Airbrushing the eye brows looks really natural, If done correctly.
Ebony has some discoloration to her skin, like most of us woman do.
I wanted to correct her skin tone and make it even out but without making her look like she packed on loads of makeup.
It's very important to use concealer, Under the eye and any reddish area of the face or just what ever you want to conceal and cover up. Please keep in mind a little concealer goes a long way.
I also highlighted her face and contour it as well. Using the airbrush machine I contour and highlight her face, With temptu product.

Product use on Ebony-
Mac paint pot- Painterly
sliver ring mac e/s -lid/use on bottom lash line as well half way only
satellite dreams for the crease mac e/s with a small brush add this to the bottom lash line half way out.
parfait amour mac e/s
carbon e/s at the corner of eyes
Mac black cream eyeliner on top of eye's
apply false eyelash-use dark color glue
black eyeliner pencil for bottom eyes
Rice paper to high light brow bone
-Blush Nars orgasm -great for any skin tone
bronzer Nars laguna
highlight -belightful -apply right above her blush area
lips-spice l/l
lipstick lame & please me
oyster girl l/g

Sorry about not being able to resize her photo's. So this is Ebony's makeover I did for her. She went on a date after wards and told me her date & friends couldn't believe it was her! lol

*I love painting faces & you don't have to go under the knife to look or make yourself feel good. It's only a makeup brush away<3



  1. Nice!!I wish I got your talent.....:-)

  2. hey babe

    DAAAAAAAAAAAAA DAMMN....now that is what i call BEFORE AND AFTER...what a transformation...i might be that vain to get myself an airbrush kit...WOW...btw i love these pictures of you in action...loving the hot air blowing in your face painting another beautiful face....i really wanna make another trip to miami before i jizz off to the west coast...if so i would love take you out to eat strawberries and brown sugar and fresh whip at jerry's deli...and then we can both wear our Britney tops ....and snap our fingers...BTW saw the PIC!!! hellooooo...sooo gorge....i lost that diamond circle thing....but yeah wanted to check up on you see how you were feeling....btw you should send me your addres i have some of those eyelashes for you to try...

    email me


  3. she looks really good! julie, you're so good at this! you totally transformed her! damn i wish i can get my makeup done by you! shit, if i ever get famous or rich, you're HIRED! :D

  4. i am so glad i found ur blog!! u r just pure talent. what a lovely makeover!!

    i agree...no need to go under the knife to feel good about urself!!

  5. i just found your blog and im loving it! i don't really put make up on, and im always on the run so make up is probably the last thing i do. but this really inspired me to do something!