Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Aggie's Engagement photo shoot. Flawless Airbrush makeup
Aggie before-
Jennie's Before and after. Airbrush makeup

Mother's day weekend was awesome! My hubby & kids took me out to eat and my son made me this beautiful bracelet~! They even took me out again yesterday! My part 2 mother's day present!
So I have been busy cleaning up the house and the baby's room. Got the room done last night, now I have to work on the whole house and my bedroom! Big big task! lol -My hubby & son are wonderful helpers-love them so much<3
So I wanted to share some makeover's with you all! I love what makeup can do to a woman! This is why I love doing make-up! Makeup can totally transform someone's look. Some time woman tend to put way to much on, which can over power their beauty. There isn't a right or wrong way to do your makeup, but practice make's prefect!

Aggie-Wanted a peachy natural look.
I apply her makeup with airbrush and all the product was from Mac.
e/s-expensive pink,Naked lunch and a little bit of brown forget which color exactly.highlighted her brow bone with brule e/s
Blush-pinch o peach
I use e/s to fill in her brows to give a more natural look. Pencil can look a bit fake, so if you want more of a natural look go with eye shadows instead of a pencil.
Lips-half n half & honey love l/s
eyeliner and false lashes were apply.
I highlighted and bronze her out as well.

Jennie- Wanted a purple look-
Makeup was apply by airbrush.
All mac product-
Eyeshadow- nylon e/s on lid also to highlight her brow bone. mid crease pincurl e/s
creme de violet e/s idol eye e/s
blush-dame with belightful highlight powder
lips-subculture-my favorite lipliner
hug me l/s with a little touch of velevet teddy l/s
clear coat of lip gloss.
eyeliner on both top and bottom eyes
I wanted to keep Jennie's makeup simple since it was a daytime look but I still wanted to give her some color and make her eye stand out.
When working on clients make sure you ask them what color's they like and don't like. This is so important!
Look how smooth her face looks! Yet it's not cakey at all! The magic of airbrush make<3

My husband does all of these photo's- He is my partner in crime!
If your looking for a photographer please feel free to visit his website- www.Otalvarophotography.com



  1. you did a beautiful job on both girls. i wanna try that airbrush look too. :P

  2. She looks amazing! You did a good job! Love it! :)

  3. i love how soft the looks are! just enough to highlight their natural beauty.

    i LOVE soft wearable makeup. sometimes i think everyone gets so caught up on bright colors and cut creases and they forget about pretty, wearble, makeup for everyday women.

  4. hey julie! not sure if i should comment on my post or yours..lol. but i've been doing makeup for almost 5 years now. and i've worked for MAC so i've worked with all kinds of different clients and preferences. bright makeup is always fun to do but makeup to just accentuate features is always something that EVERYONE can agree on. What mother has time to slap on 5 different shadows? I only started beauty blogging in december and to be quite honest, i was very intimidated on how well some of these girls can cut creases, wear the hell out of DARK shadows, and line their eyes. i was honestly doubting my skill as an artist. but hearing from people that like my "softer" looks made me realize what people actually want.

    sorry so long! just love to chat with people who share the same views ;) you live in miami?! i'm going to disney world on june 5th! i'm so stoked. i wanted to go to miami if we had the time. how far will i be from there?

    thanks so much!

  5. wow the after is so amazing , they really look so different! airbrush looks so natural!

  6. you done it again! they look sooo gorgeous! i love it!

  7. wow... that makeover look u did with airbrush is AMAAZING! happy belated mothers day <333 and how awesome ur husband is also a phtogrpher... im sure u give him awesome inspiration for things to photograph!

  8. wow, i love the peachy look! amazing job well done! it's soft and natural! although she looks a bit tan, i am a more fair skinned person.. any suggession? (nc20)

  9. Hi Julie, love your makeup and your style... you are HOT for a momma of 3 kids....

  10. wow nice work! :)
    i love it!!

  11. wow both lady look amazing! haha...i really want to try that airbrush makeup now! their skin look flawless, can't even tell if the had makeups on! good job!

    &&.for using eyeshadow for brow, will it get smudge easily like the crease, if u have kind of oily skin?! i really want to try that out! lol

  12. I forgot to mention that I also used Mac paint pot in Painterly-This color works for all skin tone. Airbrush makeup really make's the skin look this flawless without making you look like you have tons of makeup on. You can even go without powder! Airbrush makeup is sweat proof as well and it last up to 12 hours! Thank you for all the wonderful comments ladies! I will posting up more makeover's as well! <3

  13. thats amazing flawless skin. you really are talented!

  14. Wow, you're amazing. Airbrush me please? :) hehe

  15. wow your such and inspiration. I hope I can be as good as you.

  16. I came across your blog, & I am totally loving it. You & your family are beautiful! Your work is great. I have a Chloe too!!

    Your before/after are great!!

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