Monday, May 4, 2009

My mini haul from the weekend!

What a long weekend! I haven't had a chance to post anything over the weekend. My ear is finally starting to feel better. I was in so much pain!
Last night I attended Mac bridal master class. Spring & summer bridal look! The bridal look is very dewy and natural of course.. I always love to learn from other makeup artist, Melissa the store manager was the one teaching yesterday and she was just wonderful. When I get a chance I will def. be reviewing the spring/summer bridal look.
After the class I had a chance to pick up a few things here and there.. Most of the stuff she used last night I already have so I just picked up random stuff that I needed.

Here are some of the stuff I picked up:
I always forget my list when I go to mac and I always buy the same crap over and over! I'm waiting for mac's new collection launching May 28th
Really pretty colors but I'm hoping they offer the pro discount! which I highly doubt because it's a special packaging! sucks!

Here are some of the stuff I picked up over the weekend..
Mac prep+prime transparent powder- * A MUST HAVE FOR YOUR MAKEUP KIT.
Mac paint pot-Blackground
Mac 4X palette
Mac eyeshadow palette-Patina,Bamboo,gleam,mulch
Mac blush palette-Springsheen -My all time favorite for just about any skin tone
Mac lipstick-St.Germain-Pick this up ladies (limited item) once it's gone it's gone!
Mac lipstick-hue
Shu Uemura -Eyelash one with diamonds the other brown feather- gift from my hubby
Coastal scents shimmer eyeshadow-Gift from the hubby
I wanted to check this out for a while now but haven't had a chance too.. I'm thinking about getting the matt one as well. Just wanted to try one out first. So far so good.. Is the matt one worth getting ladies?
Urban decay book of shadow-Gift from the hubby
I like the urban decay book of shadow and it comes with a mini brush for blending and their potion which I really like.
Mac paint pots are still my favorite tho!

So that's my mini haul from over the weekend, I wanted to stop by the cosmetics company store but was running late to my class. =( grr next time..
Enjoy the rest of your day!




  1. nice haul!
    hey we have the same 88 eyeshadow palette,
    but yours is shimmer! :)

  2. the matt one is really good i love it!
    i think its the same good quality as the shimmer one.
    i wanted to get the shimmer too but ill jus go with the matt first.

  3. That is not a mini haul!! It's a super haul, silly! I'm glade you're feeling better. Your hubby is sweet buying you makeup :) I wish my BF would do the same hehhe

  4. Wow! What a great haul, girlfriend! When will I get a haul like that? Haha (:


  5. i hope ur ear feels better soon!

    omg that is a big haul!

    i love patina e/s!

  6. i have a question! do they still sell that urban decay palette? i couldnt find on sephora :(

  7. Great haul! I want aaall that stuff :)

  8. nice haul.. I loved the false lashes *.*

  9. Hey Gorgeous

    YOU WILL LOVE LOVE LOVE the coastal scents palette...the colors are pretty pigmented and you basically have the spectrum in your hands...glad your ear is feeling better...but that was a while since your last must want to rip your head off...poor doll =/....

    but yeah The korean lashes i used...Shishem and Darkness...there amazing...i find them better than ardell and American brands...they fit and look better on asian eyes...if you want i can send you some to try...i have a let me know!...and there cheap at 3.50 a box!

    tooo funny about my britney top!!! great minds think alike...and yes i think we bought it at the same store...i bought mine for 100$ the time i was like 100$ for a strip of fabric i can make myself *rip off*...but after wearing it 30 ways i think it was worth it...I would love to see a picture of you in it!

  10. oh wow what a great palette!!! I'm sooo jealous!! I heart MAC too :D

  11. i love the haul! i really want that coastal scents shimmer palette! how is it? is the color payoff really good?