Friday, May 8, 2009

Zuca Mac case vs Orignal Zuca case

Zuca Case-$145.00
Zuca for MAC case-$279.00

So Mac came out with a roller case! (about damn time) I had a chance to personally check it out while I was in south beach. I mean it's very nice but no pro discount! The case is going for $279.00 Zuca for Mac bag but you can get the same exact Zuca bag for about $145.00 n free shipping It's the same exact bag but without the mac logo of course! Pay-$279.oo for a logo that say's mac or pay $145.00 for the same bag but without the mac logo lol
You can get the zuca bag in any color, you can customize the bag yourself! The case has a lot of storage and can be pull out. If you need a chair to sit on for you or your model.. You can sit on the case! can hold up to 300 pound! Case & makeup chair in one! Good for on the go job's where space is limited!
I'm still thinking about which one I'm going to get.. I don't know if I want to fork up $279.00 a discount would be great tho! hahah my husband told me to go with the orignal zuca bag..To save some $.. since I already have the hard mac case.


  1. I agree, go for the original Zuca. So you can use it as a suitcase when your not using it as a makeup train case.

  2. damnn i dont think ill ever get one of those. i dont have that much makeup! hahaha

    oh hey i used the neutrogena on the spot and it works! no more pimple! thanks julie! <3

  3. no I haven't. But I went on their website (zuca) and checked it out.

  4. wow i would definately go for the original zuca too, much cheaper! its always better to save you some $$! lol

  5. Looks like a huge traincase. Can you fit all your makeup in there? :)

  6. sadly even this case doesn't fit all my makeup. I'll do a review of which Mac case I have and the ones I carry my makeup inn. I also have been given my mac bags to my sister's and mom.

  7. thanks for following me girl, I'm following you back, I love the work you do. i need all the good tips I can get to get myself started!

  8. I went ahead and got the M.A.C Zuca bag! I have pro discounts just about everywhere and I have never seen a Zuca bag for $145. Maybe without the zuca pouches inside which cost a lot individually. So buying a zuca with no pouches, I don't get it. Also having the M.A.C zuca brings me more work. People see the M.A.C logo and ask for business cards. Everyone knows what M.A.C is, more so than zuca. So having the mac logo is something to pay for if you are a full time Makeup artist. Thats the kind of attention you want to draw to yourself. $279 to me was a reasonable price. I'm very pleased.

    1. I agtre about having the Mac logo on it, it attracts more people to you ... question though, how and where dod you purchase the MAC Zuca? I live in ontario Canada and I was wondering how I order it?