Saturday, June 27, 2009

Photo shoot for Mimi

Photo shoot for my beautiful older sister Mimi.
Yes she is my real sister! same mom same dad lol people always ask us that..
She looks exactly like our mommy and I look exactly like our daddy.
Mimi wanted to update her photos so Noah my hubby really hooked her up! (Thanks once again babe for the beautiful pictures) will be adding more soon.
I did her makeup of course, Airbrush makeup once again. I wanted her eye makeup to be really dramatic but Mimi wanted the look to be dramatic but wearable.
I love this beautiful Kimono dress, I really love how the color looked on her. Mimi looked soo beautiful and it really shows in the photos.

I'm sorry but I have to make this post really short. I'm actually suppose to be packing for our trip but I felt like sharing this photo shoot with you all..
We just got back from Miami and now were leaving for Texas.. Man I'm hella tired.. Living off of red bull and starbucks...
When I get back I will try to list the product that was used on her.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments and following me<3>

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jewelry sale

Jewelry Sale!
Are you looking to update your jewelry collection.. Then here are some beautiful pieces to add to your collection. We only stock one of each, so these are first come first serve.
Not only are these jewelry exotic but they are so fun to wear and you can dress it up or dress it down.
They also makes beautiful gifts.

My sister Mimi has been working in the jewelry industries for over 7 yrs and she has an eye for jewelry. So If you need any assistance or advice please feel free to contact her direct at-
We'll be more then happy to answer any of your questions.

Now accepting order.
Contact us for Pricing.
Thank you!

Gold digger makeup lol

Since I'm going to be away, I thought I should share just one more post before I leave.
Here is my gold digger look lol. Hair and makeup was all by me. All within the same day, I just let my hair down by the end of the day.
Never thought I would say this but I loved my gold digging lips lol and No I wasn't naked in the last picture lol

SUMMER time makeup tips

Summer look. I love summer and all but I really hate how hot&humid it is and how my face would just be sweating like crazy!
For summer I always opt. for less makeup. I love a fresh looking face for the summer time look.
-Exfoliating your face is so important, I'm sure you all know that already.
I use St.Ives olive oil exfoliate.
-Moisturizers is a must! esp the ones that has spf protection.
-Water base foundation is best for summer time.Avoid creamy foundation such as-studio fix & moistureblend. They are best for fall/winter
-For power I keep it simple and use -Mac Blot powder- Great for the hot summer heat. It really take away the shine. The great part is that it's also color-less which mean you won't look cakey.
I keep my eye makeup very simple and natural. With just a few coats of mascara.
-Blush and bronzer is a must!
I just keep my lips light and pinky =)
So here is my summer makeup look.
Hope you guys enjoy..
I will be busy and won't be blogging that much, Were taking a trip to visit my family in Texas.
I will be doing a lot of makeovers while I'm there though! will def keep you guys posted!
Went to see Transformers with my son last night.. Oh what a great movie! I love my Shia! He is such a hottie! There is just something about Shia...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Behind the scene

Photo shoot & Video shoot for Karen pre-bridal.
Photographer-Noah Otalvaro
Video by-Tony Otalvaro
Makeup/styling by-Julie
I never met Karen before but I had to do all of the styling for her.
I had to go out and pick a dress for her, they wanted something very simple but still beautiful.
I also made the flower bokay & all of the other details.
So much fun! I really enjoy making the bokay.

Behind the scene of what I do.. Not only do I get to do what I love but also being be able to travel is such a wonderful thing!
My team at work, I love my crew =)

I kept Karen makeup very dewy and natural. The dewy&natural look is really in for the bridal look.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

All about Chloe

My sleeping beauty
Sonia's mini b-day party. Just some of her gifts since her g-ma threw her a big bday in miami
Chloe 6 pound 3 oz May 19,2009 -She has blond eyebrow
Daddy & his beautiful girls
Auntie Mimi and her babies

My sister just got off the plane and was so happy to see her babies
They love their new edition to the family
My dinner 2 nights in a row. Steak&lobster! It was actually good
My flowers from my hubby and kids. Just some of the flowers they got me. They totally spoil me with love and flowers. (My son took this photo)

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful and thoughful well wishes!
So I wrote about my labor and when I posted the blog it didn't show up! omg It was a long blog too! I'm so piss! I don't feel like rewriting the whole thing all over again today. I'm so busy with work and the kids.
My husband was away on a business trip and I was left with the kids and man it was tough! I'm still dealing with my pubic bone separation and come to find out I also dislocated my pubic bone. Also I'm stilling suppose to be bed rest!
I manage to pull myself together though
I will def try to write about giving birth to Chloe.
This time I def have to say it was actually a lot faster then my other two kids.
On top of everything she came on her own.
I was suppose to be induce that very morning at 6:00am but went into labor on my very own at 2:30am and had her at 9:16 am in the morning May 19th 2009
I pushed for about a good 10 min, I was so determine to get her out, My doctor was like wow your such a tough cookie lol I told him I'm no rookie when it comes to giving birth hahhaah
I did some haul and photo shoot so I will be posting them up soon! When I find some time that is...
It was a super busy month Sonia turned 2 yrs old on May 30 and my B-day was June 6!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Meet my baby Chloe. Born May 19, 2009

Meet my baby girl Chloe!
Here she is... Chloe 6 pound 3 oz 19 in a half inches long.
I will write about Chloe and my labor later, Just thought I share her beautiful photo's with you guys. I'm super busy with the kiddos and work, I will try to update you guys soon. Photos done by my husband of course!