Thursday, June 4, 2009

All about Chloe

My sleeping beauty
Sonia's mini b-day party. Just some of her gifts since her g-ma threw her a big bday in miami
Chloe 6 pound 3 oz May 19,2009 -She has blond eyebrow
Daddy & his beautiful girls
Auntie Mimi and her babies

My sister just got off the plane and was so happy to see her babies
They love their new edition to the family
My dinner 2 nights in a row. Steak&lobster! It was actually good
My flowers from my hubby and kids. Just some of the flowers they got me. They totally spoil me with love and flowers. (My son took this photo)

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful and thoughful well wishes!
So I wrote about my labor and when I posted the blog it didn't show up! omg It was a long blog too! I'm so piss! I don't feel like rewriting the whole thing all over again today. I'm so busy with work and the kids.
My husband was away on a business trip and I was left with the kids and man it was tough! I'm still dealing with my pubic bone separation and come to find out I also dislocated my pubic bone. Also I'm stilling suppose to be bed rest!
I manage to pull myself together though
I will def try to write about giving birth to Chloe.
This time I def have to say it was actually a lot faster then my other two kids.
On top of everything she came on her own.
I was suppose to be induce that very morning at 6:00am but went into labor on my very own at 2:30am and had her at 9:16 am in the morning May 19th 2009
I pushed for about a good 10 min, I was so determine to get her out, My doctor was like wow your such a tough cookie lol I told him I'm no rookie when it comes to giving birth hahhaah
I did some haul and photo shoot so I will be posting them up soon! When I find some time that is...
It was a super busy month Sonia turned 2 yrs old on May 30 and my B-day was June 6!


  1. awwww she's very beautiful!! love the pics =]

    and wow! they serve steak and lobster at your hospital! haha

  2. awww...ur babies are all so cute!!!
    i hope ur feeling better from ur pubic bone.

  3. your family is so cute! congrats on everything!

  4. OMG julieeeeeeee! we miss you come back! and congrats to your new edition to your family :D ive been good, its summer for me now. no more school until sept!

  5. You have a beautiful family!

  6. Thanks for the cmnt beautiful. You and ur happy make beautiful babies LOL Cute photos.. now lets see new pics of u ;) Ur dinner got me drooling..looks soo yummy and iv'e been cravin lobster!!

  7. congrats on your beautifull daughter !

    do you have any other websit besides blogspot ? do u have a twitter account ?

  8. oh i know i saw your yorkie with the juicy bag ! REALLLLLY CUTE im actually get a juicy doggy bag for her & a charm necklace for her ! but now a days i beeen BROKE ! how big is BAM is it ? my homegirl also has a yorkie and same name TOO ! really cute !

  9. o reallly ? atleast thats one bag u dnt need to carry lol how much are u selling it for ?!

    how manny lbs is ur yorkie ??!

  10. happy belated!

    congrats! and that steak looks yummm lol

  11. aww that sucks. I understand everything, my sister gave birth like 3 days before your babygrl on May 16!! Are you ready for ur baby's one month?! Time flies so quick the first month huh? lol seeing my sisters go through the post pregnancy makes me so scared to ever have a baby of my own!! Sorry to hear about your hip bone tho =/ I hope u feel better soon <3

  12. Hey hon...thank you for writing and congratulating me on the birth of Adelina. I took some time to rest and spend with Adelina, and was not up-to-date with the blogging work. Having 3 kids must be a lot of work, but after giving birth I realize how much joy my daughter has brought. So now you have 3X the joy!

    That's awesome that you have a daughter name Sonia :)

    Chloe is beautiful, and you have such a beautiful family!!!

  13. I was going to ask you how the birth of Chloe was for you, but since you mention that you'll be letting us know...I'll wait to hear!!

  14. Hey sweetie Congrats!!!!

    Chloe is sooooo beautiful & so is your whole family!

    I hope you are recovering well. I know it's hard w/work & the kiddies. I can't believe the whole pubic bone thing. Do you have any help? Take it superwoman!

    Waiting for some posts. Can't wait to see what you've been up to!