Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Behind the scene

Photo shoot & Video shoot for Karen pre-bridal.
Photographer-Noah Otalvaro
Video by-Tony Otalvaro
Makeup/styling by-Julie
I never met Karen before but I had to do all of the styling for her.
I had to go out and pick a dress for her, they wanted something very simple but still beautiful.
I also made the flower bokay & all of the other details.
So much fun! I really enjoy making the bokay.

Behind the scene of what I do.. Not only do I get to do what I love but also being be able to travel is such a wonderful thing!
My team at work, I love my crew =)

I kept Karen makeup very dewy and natural. The dewy&natural look is really in for the bridal look.


  1. She looks beautiful. :) Are you working now?

  2. Wow I agree with E, she looks beautiful!! :)

    Haha, I definitely can relate to that. I live on an island too, and in my town, there's only one main road going through town...35 mph (T.T)

  3. haha! It's the same here! Except, it's with the sunset views. There was this one time I was driving home from work in the late afternoon, following these two tourist cars...they STOPPED right in the middle of the road to see the sunset. There were 3 cars behind me too, and when we all passed them, one of the guys just leaned on his horn and stuck his finger at the tourists. (-.-;;)

  4. And thank you for the compliment. I love my island. You should really see it for yourself one day :)

  5. WoW Love the pictures and video! :)

  6. I am so amazed julie!!! She looked like a perfect bride! You are so awesome. Didn't know how professional you were until this video.. you looked beautiful in there by the way ;)

  7. wow the video is really cool! and once again you made her look so beautiful!

  8. you did an amazing job. I love how you did Karens makeup.

  9. so beautiful! good job with the looks, and wow, ur back to working? ur a hard working mama!

  10. Your very welcome hun ;)
    aww ur hubby is a photographer also? U guys are a perfect match!!

    Tattoos aren't as bad as u think but i have heard someone said it was more painful than giving birth..some people exaggerate when it comes to tattooing though.. seriously i enjoy the feeling i get from it LOL I'm planning to get a third tattoo soon!!

    My hair isn't that nice, i freakn love yours..wish i could keep up with blonde like u hehe..but thanks, i have to tease and hairspray a whole lot to get it big..takes so much time!!

    Well about my contact lenses.. at first it's not that comfy, just had to get used to it..since it is circle lens so it doesn't fit your eyes. Anywho im sure u know that..but i actually found out about a really good seller, heard alot of good reviews about them.. Just have to wait til June 22nd thats when u can put in your order.. http://mesmerizedeyes.blogspot.com/

    I def. would buy from them.. I'm planning on it and it's funny cus i wanna try out brown and grey also. lol

  11. whoa my comment is so long..haha sorry hun didn't realize i wrote that much! <3

  12. she looks great - the video is fun too! i like how it pans in and out to transition between scenes - good work!

  13. You do magical things behind the scene!! I loveee it.

  14. hey hun! you just received some blog awards from me. please accept them =] it's under "first blog awards" on my page.