Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gold digger makeup lol

Since I'm going to be away, I thought I should share just one more post before I leave.
Here is my gold digger look lol. Hair and makeup was all by me. All within the same day, I just let my hair down by the end of the day.
Never thought I would say this but I loved my gold digging lips lol and No I wasn't naked in the last picture lol


  1. lol at confirming you weren't naked

    this is a very pretty look and the photos look great

  2. wow this looks like it came straight out of a magazine you look stunning hun!!

  3. Wow! Yellow is a hot color on you! You're tempting me to go out and buy a yellow bra :P

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  5. I left you a lovely blog award ^_^.

  6. you look so HOT! ok...let's go gold dig now. lol

  7. wow what a nice entry! good luck!