Thursday, June 25, 2009

SUMMER time makeup tips

Summer look. I love summer and all but I really hate how hot&humid it is and how my face would just be sweating like crazy!
For summer I always opt. for less makeup. I love a fresh looking face for the summer time look.
-Exfoliating your face is so important, I'm sure you all know that already.
I use St.Ives olive oil exfoliate.
-Moisturizers is a must! esp the ones that has spf protection.
-Water base foundation is best for summer time.Avoid creamy foundation such as-studio fix & moistureblend. They are best for fall/winter
-For power I keep it simple and use -Mac Blot powder- Great for the hot summer heat. It really take away the shine. The great part is that it's also color-less which mean you won't look cakey.
I keep my eye makeup very simple and natural. With just a few coats of mascara.
-Blush and bronzer is a must!
I just keep my lips light and pinky =)
So here is my summer makeup look.
Hope you guys enjoy..
I will be busy and won't be blogging that much, Were taking a trip to visit my family in Texas.
I will be doing a lot of makeovers while I'm there though! will def keep you guys posted!
Went to see Transformers with my son last night.. Oh what a great movie! I love my Shia! He is such a hottie! There is just something about Shia...


  1. great tips, which water base foundation do you recommend? Would the Make Up For Ever be a good choice? Thanks.

  2. You're so pretty (I think I've said this a million times)! Thanks for your summer tips. Is MAC's studio sculpt ok for the summer?

  3. Have a great time with the family!! How long are you going to be visiting? Can't wait to see the posts!!!

  4. great tips :) and transformers was awesome! i was stunned when reviews said the movie was not a summer blockbuster, i totally beg to differ haha

  5. julie, you look so gorgeous! you really do!

    thanks for your summer tips! ill be sure to use it :)

    also i saw transformer today and it was pretty good!

  6. thanks for the great makeup tips

  7. very beautiful chica.
    Great makeup tips too; ♥