Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm back!

Sorry been so mia! I've been so busy with the kids and work..
I'm doing better now, food poisoning was a bitchhhhh.. The pain was out of this world! Ever since I had food poisoning I have cut beef & pork out of my diet. Been beef & pork free for over a month now.
It has also been 3 months since I had Chloe.. I'm down to a size 2 now... Still have to tone up my body and I'm starting to work out again.
Thank you for all the well wishes guys! The kids are doing great! Here is a photo of Chloe and Sonia.. Kai doesn't really like to have his photo taken lol
I'll try to find more time to update!


  1. Oh my gosh your kids are adorable! Love your blog ;)

  2. only 3 months and your already down to a size two. wow! thats amazing, i haven't had kids yet but i have never been a size 2. lucky.

  3. awws.. your children are soo cute

  4. glad to heard that ur all better now! :]

    ur kids r too adorable! &.wow three months after u have ur baby and ur down to size 2! i hope one day when i have kids i can go back to my original size in so little time too! ^__^

  5. Thanks guys! Kids are a handful and now that my son started school I find myself being even more busy. I did a lot of diet, I wasn't able to work out so it made it even harder to lose.