Thursday, December 10, 2009

shading off my baby weight finally!

top picture was 3 months after giving birth to Chloe

The rest are my new pix

these are my new pix's shaded off my baby weight did it after 3 months of giving birth to baby Chloe. I gained over 55 pound with baby Chloe too!!!! ahhh I made a promise to myself that I have to lose all my baby weight in time for the holidays I did it way before!! Once I have some free time I will def share my diet with you guys!! miss you all!!!


  1. You look great, please do share! (:

  2. You already looked great after 3 months :) Did you have a special diet / exercise routine? I heard breast feeding = lose weight fast too?

  3. damn! you shed of your baby weight sooo fast and you look fab!! *jealous* i still need to work on mine and my baby's almost 17 months already. lol

  4. omigosh you look so great! share your secret!!!

  5. You look fantastic! Can't wait to read the post on your diet!