Monday, May 25, 2009

Mac Heatherette Eye shadow sale!

Brand new never used Mac Heatherette eye shadow for sale-
Trio 1 -Hoppin, Mood ring, Cloudburst
You will not be able to find this limited edition Heatherette eye shadow anywhere else! This is a rare find! This is the only one I have so when it's gone it's gone!

Heatherette eye shadow trio 1-$60.00

Payment- Paypal only

If you would like to purchase please email me at-

Mac Lipstick n Lip glass sale! Limited edition!

Mac Limited lipstick and lipgloss-

Brand new never used lipstick and lip gloss-
Beautiful 2 lipstick- All Revealing, Embrace
Lip glass- Headliner
Comes with a a beautiful lipstick holder.
All for $70.00

Payment-Paypal only
Please email me if you would like to purchase-

You won't find these color any where! Where can you get 2 Mac lipstick and a lip glass and a beautiful case for this price! Not to mention this is a limited edition item! You won't find this anywhere else!

Mac Limited Edtion Shadowy Lady eye shadow x 4

Mac Makeup Sale!

Mac Limited edition eye shadow x 4- Shadowy Lady-
Lightfall, Smudged violet, Deep truth, Shadowy Lady-

Brand new never used-
All for$60.00

If you would like to purchase shadowy lady limited edition eye shadow please email me-
Payment-Paypal only

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Felica's photo shoot
Felica's makeup by yours truly -Julie

Felica before- This is her usually.

Some of you may have seen Felica's on HBO Bunny ranch.
She contacted my husband to do a photo shoot for her, At first I wasn't to thrill about it since she was always complimenting him on every single email.
(not photography related or anything)
Went to pick her up at the airport with the hubby first thing she said was so are you guys like a couple or something? I just looked at her n started laughing.. I thought to myself no comment! I later joked to my husband and said it must be because she likes your Porsche! Good thing I'm not a crazy jealous bitch or else.. lol gotta have my makeup face on grrr! hahaha

Onto the makeup I applied on her, I wanted to add colors to her but yet give her a bombshell look still cause thats what she wanted. One thing I wanted to fix was the eyebrow but that was totally out of my power.
This look had blues,green and white frost with a touch of nylon to highlight her brow bone. Felica has really beautiful blue eyes and I didn't want to do black eyeliner on her bottom eye's cause it will take away from her blue eyes. I went with a blue liner instead and went in half way with the blue e/s and half with the green e/s
Applying mascara on bottom eyelashes are so important, It def make's the eyes appear more bigger.
Shooting outdoor meaning you have to be prepare to keep retouching the model up. A lot of woman I work with love to lick their lips, meaning I would have to keep retouching their lips up all the time.
This is where the mac belt comes in handy! It has pockets in the front where you can put your powder's and lipstick in and most importantly do not forget to put eyelash glue in your tool belt! I say this because when working outdoor the wind and sun is against you and eyelashes will be flying!
I have had this happen to me many times.

This is going to be my last blog till everything gets less crazy, since I'm preparing for the birth of my daughter.
I haven't even packed my hospital bag yet! I have so much preparation to do still. Such as getting the house ready for the baby and cleaning and turning the house upside down!
This time around my parents won't be able to come down to help out so therefore my in law's are driving down to help us out. Mother in law got us a nanny and a house keeper for the couple of days that I will be in the hospital. Which is going to help me out so much!
I still wish my parent's would be here =( Good thing is my sister will be here to help out with the kiddo's . So Tuesday is the big day! I will be heading to the hospital at 5:00am for my inducement! ahhh I've been so scare although it's my third baby and all.. Still... Child labor is sooo painful!
I'm just praying for a fast delivery and of course a healthy baby girl.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cathleen photo shoot

Wish Noah would of remember to do a up closer shot of her makeup. It was so much brighter and a lot more colors to it. I will try to find a closer photo of her makeup.
Cathleen loved how soft and fresh her face looked-Airbrush makeup.
Cathleen before-

I'm so tired!I have been trying to work on my website, It's so much work to it! I mean picking out the templates,color and ect! Wow my head hurts! Usually I would have my husband do all the dirty work but this time I wanted to be more hands on.
My website is going to be of course for my makeup service and a long with selling jewelry.
I also have a partner in crime, which is my lovely sister Mimi who is also a mua. Mimi also specialize in airbrush makeup. With a teacher like me you can't go wrong lol jk
Once the website is ready I will def love for all of your feed back ladies! My sister and I will also be doing a contest to celebrate our relaunch of our website!
We are working on the contest and our give away prize's!
So please keep on following =) I wanted to Thank all of my followers! I just sign up for my blog about 3 weeks ago and now have over 100 followers=) I'm very lucky to have meet so many beautiful and talented ladies on here! You guys are so wonderful!
My sister is flying here next week to help me out with the kiddo's and were going to announce our contest then! We have so many idea's.
Here is another one of my makeup, I promise to get a closer picture of her makeup. I just have to go threw her photo's.

Cathleen-I gave her soft lips and soft pink blush and made her beautiful eye pop with bright beautiful purples shadows.

Just thought I share another makeover with you guys! my advice for anyone who wants to become a mua- If your just starting out,
My advice to you guys is sit your friends/family down and practice on them! Doing makeup on yourself is one thing but working on someone else is totally different.
You have to really take a step back and see what features you want to bring out of them.There will be times where their not always going to like what you did to them but that's the best part. It will make you want to be better at what you do.
Practice makes prefect!
Well I hope you guys have been enjoying my makeover's! I know I'm not the best mua out there but I truly love doing what I do and to me that's all that matters!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



Thursday, May 14, 2009

Makeover -Marisol

Above is Marisol with Airbrush makeup.
This is when I didn't discover airbrush makeup yet. I apply her makeup by regular foundation.

Marisol before-

I have work with Marisol on a lot of different project, She is a wonderful host/vj, model/dancer. Marisol has grace mtv and Miami beach channel and so much more.. this girl is very talented & smart!
I love working with Marisol, She can pull off any look.
Although she's a model/television host she still needs makeup, Makeup plays such a big role in our lives. When I first started working with Marisol she didn't really like to take care of her face and she had a lot of wrinkles on her forehead. Yet she's only in her 20's
Every time she would wrinkle up her forehead I always slap her ! I told her you better stop it before you have to go under the knife at such a young age! lol
She also tans a lot which also causes early signs of wrinkle. After giving her so much crap she broke her bad habits.

The second photo is when I didn't discover airbrush makeup yet, but I still like it though. I love how her blush came out and you can really see where I highlighted her face. Which is right above where I apply her blush.
I use Mac belightful to highlight her face. I love love Mac belightful.. It's my go to when it comes to highlighting. You can't go wrong! It gives the prefect glow even for a daytime look.
I kept her look simple because this was for barrio305 Tv.
I love the bronze look on the eyes, It works for anyone actually. I wanted it to be fun so I just added some teal e/s on her bottom lash line. Enough to make her eyes pop.

The top picture of Marisol was apply by airbrush makeup. I wanted this look to be more soft and romantic. I love how her face is just glowing. See ladies even models needs makeup. Reason I like to share makeovers with you all is to show you ladies that everyone is beautiful in their own special way!
Marisol told me no mua can make her look the way I make her look.. That is such a wonderful compliment esp. when she works with tons of other mua.
(She is hiring me for her wedding also) lol
I still have a lot to learn about makeup and I always want to be better at what I do. I started doing makeup on myself at the age of 3 lol
My mom had this amazing makeup collection and for me it was like a kid in a candy shop.
Makeup is def. a woman's best friend! Makeup plays a big role for me! A face is a bare canvas and it's always beautiful to be able to add some color's to bring out our inner beauty!
Next time your at home bored bring out your makeup ladies play around with it n have fun! That's the best part about being a woman! I taught myself and yet I don't think I'm the best mua out there but I know for a fact that I love to make other woman feel good about them self. That for me is priceless!

Photo credit to my husband- Noah Otalvaro

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Ebony's After-Airbrush makeup

Ebony's before-

Here is another one of my makeover. This is Ebony, She doesn't wear much makeup and never had her makeup apply professionally before.
Ebony is a beautiful girl and I felt that I just needed to bring her inner beauty out. Another thing when working with a woman that don't wear much or no makeup at all you don't want to pile it on for them esp for the first time.
I apply her makeup with Airbrush & airbrush her eye brows as well. Airbrushing the eye brows looks really natural, If done correctly.
Ebony has some discoloration to her skin, like most of us woman do.
I wanted to correct her skin tone and make it even out but without making her look like she packed on loads of makeup.
It's very important to use concealer, Under the eye and any reddish area of the face or just what ever you want to conceal and cover up. Please keep in mind a little concealer goes a long way.
I also highlighted her face and contour it as well. Using the airbrush machine I contour and highlight her face, With temptu product.

Product use on Ebony-
Mac paint pot- Painterly
sliver ring mac e/s -lid/use on bottom lash line as well half way only
satellite dreams for the crease mac e/s with a small brush add this to the bottom lash line half way out.
parfait amour mac e/s
carbon e/s at the corner of eyes
Mac black cream eyeliner on top of eye's
apply false eyelash-use dark color glue
black eyeliner pencil for bottom eyes
Rice paper to high light brow bone
-Blush Nars orgasm -great for any skin tone
bronzer Nars laguna
highlight -belightful -apply right above her blush area
lips-spice l/l
lipstick lame & please me
oyster girl l/g

Sorry about not being able to resize her photo's. So this is Ebony's makeover I did for her. She went on a date after wards and told me her date & friends couldn't believe it was her! lol

*I love painting faces & you don't have to go under the knife to look or make yourself feel good. It's only a makeup brush away<3



Aggie's Engagement photo shoot. Flawless Airbrush makeup
Aggie before-
Jennie's Before and after. Airbrush makeup

Mother's day weekend was awesome! My hubby & kids took me out to eat and my son made me this beautiful bracelet~! They even took me out again yesterday! My part 2 mother's day present!
So I have been busy cleaning up the house and the baby's room. Got the room done last night, now I have to work on the whole house and my bedroom! Big big task! lol -My hubby & son are wonderful helpers-love them so much<3
So I wanted to share some makeover's with you all! I love what makeup can do to a woman! This is why I love doing make-up! Makeup can totally transform someone's look. Some time woman tend to put way to much on, which can over power their beauty. There isn't a right or wrong way to do your makeup, but practice make's prefect!

Aggie-Wanted a peachy natural look.
I apply her makeup with airbrush and all the product was from Mac.
e/s-expensive pink,Naked lunch and a little bit of brown forget which color exactly.highlighted her brow bone with brule e/s
Blush-pinch o peach
I use e/s to fill in her brows to give a more natural look. Pencil can look a bit fake, so if you want more of a natural look go with eye shadows instead of a pencil.
Lips-half n half & honey love l/s
eyeliner and false lashes were apply.
I highlighted and bronze her out as well.

Jennie- Wanted a purple look-
Makeup was apply by airbrush.
All mac product-
Eyeshadow- nylon e/s on lid also to highlight her brow bone. mid crease pincurl e/s
creme de violet e/s idol eye e/s
blush-dame with belightful highlight powder
lips-subculture-my favorite lipliner
hug me l/s with a little touch of velevet teddy l/s
clear coat of lip gloss.
eyeliner on both top and bottom eyes
I wanted to keep Jennie's makeup simple since it was a daytime look but I still wanted to give her some color and make her eye stand out.
When working on clients make sure you ask them what color's they like and don't like. This is so important!
Look how smooth her face looks! Yet it's not cakey at all! The magic of airbrush make<3

My husband does all of these photo's- He is my partner in crime!
If your looking for a photographer please feel free to visit his website-


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mac haul and Bugaboo stroller (great mix)

My mother's day gift to myself. lol
Sonia's & Chloe's new ride-

Made a trip to the mall with my daughter yesterday. At first it seemed like a good idea, but once I parked the car got the stroller out I was already tired-hot & in pain! I was thinking to myself oh man If my husband found out that I'm at the mall right now I would never be able to hear the end of it.
Good thing I bought myself a new stroller! The old one I have was a pain in the butt! It was heavy and so hard to control! I told myself If it's one thing I need for the new baby is a stroller! A really light weight stroller that handles well and that is sleek & stylish! Also I wanted a stroller where I'll be able to add a attach seat for Sonia without it being so heavy to push and of course a bassinet for the Chloe.
After doing some research I finally bought my dream stroller lol Yes now a day stroller cost as much as a down payment for a car!
So I ended up buying the cameleon bugaboo stroller-$800.00
(You think for the price you would get all of these accessories) nope..
tailored canvas stroller set-$100.00 & Sun breeze canopy-$40.00 Custom made liner-$90.00 $80.00 for Attach seat for Sonia.$44.00 for the attachment for the car seat.
(Having a baby priceless)
I can't believe I spent this much for a stroller! Well worth it though since this is going to be my last baby! My body can't afford to have any more babies! After giving birth it will take me about 2 yrs to recover from my pubic bone separation. Pubic bone separation only happens 1 in 9,000 pregnancy so lucky me! When I had Sonia I was on best rest the whole time and after giving birth to her it took me about a year to recover yet never fully recover. So this pregnancy is going to take a lot longer to recover.
A lot of people ask me does it hurt... Ummm hell the F*** yea it does! I mean you can't sit,stand,walk or lay it hurt's period 24-7

Anyways beside spending a arm & a leg on the stroller. I manage to stop by the cco store with Sonia.
I was able to pick up some mac makeup, I like buying stuff that I either 1 forget to buy or just never thought about getting at the time. so here is some stuff I was able to pick up for myself. My mothers day gift to myself lol

I wanted to wish all the beautiful momma's and mom's to be a very Happy mother days! Everyday should be mothers day! =)

Mac product that I bought-
Mineraliza sheersheen powder-lucent ( Love this)
Shadowy lady e/s 4x- I know stupid me should have gotten it with my pro discount at the time it came out! grrr
rose blanc e/s
lotusisland e/s
sweetness blush-so pretty and pink.
*Swatches coming soon..

Friday, May 8, 2009

Zuca Mac case vs Orignal Zuca case

Zuca Case-$145.00
Zuca for MAC case-$279.00

So Mac came out with a roller case! (about damn time) I had a chance to personally check it out while I was in south beach. I mean it's very nice but no pro discount! The case is going for $279.00 Zuca for Mac bag but you can get the same exact Zuca bag for about $145.00 n free shipping It's the same exact bag but without the mac logo of course! Pay-$279.oo for a logo that say's mac or pay $145.00 for the same bag but without the mac logo lol
You can get the zuca bag in any color, you can customize the bag yourself! The case has a lot of storage and can be pull out. If you need a chair to sit on for you or your model.. You can sit on the case! can hold up to 300 pound! Case & makeup chair in one! Good for on the go job's where space is limited!
I'm still thinking about which one I'm going to get.. I don't know if I want to fork up $279.00 a discount would be great tho! hahah my husband told me to go with the orignal zuca bag..To save some $.. since I already have the hard mac case.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wedding look's

Minelly before and after. This was for her trail run she wanted something fun.
Sarah- Pink/purple look- My all time favorite lipstick-Mac pink plaid & velvet teddy.

Minelly wedding day. Look was from -Mac Neo Sci fi collection.

Minelly one of my favorite client!
The first pictures is her trail run which she wanted something fun since she was going out for her
bachelorette party.
Minelly never wear's makeup, Not that she need's much..
The top picture is the day of her wedding. (She wanted her makeup to look natural as possible)
I wish I would of had time to take a better photo of her it looked kinda wash out. It looks a lot better in person, It had way more color.
Her makeup was apply by airbrush, I have been using airbrush for some time now. I find it a lot faster and really fun to work with. Esp when I'm doing 5 or more people, one right after another.
If you work with a lot of bride's then you will know how important it is to set up a trail run before the wedding day.
This way you can get to know them and know what they are looking for the day of the wedding.
Ask them to bring a couple of photo's of makeup look's that they like, Ask them what colors they dislike & like.
This will help you out a ton!
Night and daytime wedding makes a big difference so ask them If they are having a night or daytime wedding and If It's indoors or outdoor.
It will help determine the look and what product to use on her. Outdoor wedding is a little bit more tricky since every bride doesn't have time to keep retouching up her face. So use product that will not make her melt within a couple of hours.
(Mac blot powder is a must have in your makeup kit. Will help with the oil & shine)
I not only do wedding but I do a lot of film work so airbrush makeup is great. It not only look's flawless but It's sweat proof and last up to 12 hours.
If you don't have an airbrush machine then you have other alternatives.
Such as Mac Blot powder & Mac set powder and of course mac studio sculpt foundation.
Bridal trend for Spring & Summer is more of a dewy look, but with a jazz of color.
So when your doing bridal makeup make sure to get to know the bride and make her feel comfortable as possible because It's her special day!

On a lighter note I'm so hook on reading
xppinkx blog! She is so beautiful & so stylish! love how she just speaks her mind!

If anyone has any question about any of these look please feel free to ask me!
Today I see my Doctor again hoping`that he tells me that the baby is about to pop out soon!
I see him every week till my due date May 21st. Well he told me any day now! I'm not jumping my guns tho-
He said the baby is sitting super low and cervix is super soft. Again I'm still set for May 21st since my sister will be flying out here on the 20th to help out. Today my Dr. will call the hospital
to see what day I can check into the hospital to get induce =)
enjoy the rest of your day everyone!



Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finding the right hair color

my top two favorite hair color
Look Pink it's our top! lol My sister and me
More brown with less highlight
This is my favorite hair color by far..
Half blond and dark. Really hard to keep up with.
This is when my hair was more dark with just a lil highlight and bangs
I love love this for my dry thirsty hair!
So other then makeup I love to change my hair color.. As you all can see.. I can't seem to stick to one color, even though my hair is probaly gonna fall out.. hahah
Finding the right color can be a pain in the ass.. I'm very very picky when it comes to hair color.
I envy other woman who look so damn hot wif black hair.
(Would also save me so much money $$)
When my hair is dark, everyone tells me I look evil! Esp my son and brother lol I guess they are so use to seeing me with light hair.
I also have try out so many hair product but what seem to work for my thirsty dry hair is sunsilk.. Weird huh and it's cheap too! I swr by this product cause If I don't put in the sunsilk leave in conditioning, forget it! I wouldn't even be able to brush my hair.

So if you color your hair often try try the sunsilk collection!
There isn't a rule when it comes to hair color.. Change it up and have fun with it..
I have tons of pix with other hair color but kinda too lazy to upload them..
A good tip- Find a really really good hairstylish someone who's been doing color for a very very long time.

have a great day everyone!

Monday, May 4, 2009

My mini haul from the weekend!

What a long weekend! I haven't had a chance to post anything over the weekend. My ear is finally starting to feel better. I was in so much pain!
Last night I attended Mac bridal master class. Spring & summer bridal look! The bridal look is very dewy and natural of course.. I always love to learn from other makeup artist, Melissa the store manager was the one teaching yesterday and she was just wonderful. When I get a chance I will def. be reviewing the spring/summer bridal look.
After the class I had a chance to pick up a few things here and there.. Most of the stuff she used last night I already have so I just picked up random stuff that I needed.

Here are some of the stuff I picked up:
I always forget my list when I go to mac and I always buy the same crap over and over! I'm waiting for mac's new collection launching May 28th
Really pretty colors but I'm hoping they offer the pro discount! which I highly doubt because it's a special packaging! sucks!

Here are some of the stuff I picked up over the weekend..
Mac prep+prime transparent powder- * A MUST HAVE FOR YOUR MAKEUP KIT.
Mac paint pot-Blackground
Mac 4X palette
Mac eyeshadow palette-Patina,Bamboo,gleam,mulch
Mac blush palette-Springsheen -My all time favorite for just about any skin tone
Mac lipstick-St.Germain-Pick this up ladies (limited item) once it's gone it's gone!
Mac lipstick-hue
Shu Uemura -Eyelash one with diamonds the other brown feather- gift from my hubby
Coastal scents shimmer eyeshadow-Gift from the hubby
I wanted to check this out for a while now but haven't had a chance too.. I'm thinking about getting the matt one as well. Just wanted to try one out first. So far so good.. Is the matt one worth getting ladies?
Urban decay book of shadow-Gift from the hubby
I like the urban decay book of shadow and it comes with a mini brush for blending and their potion which I really like.
Mac paint pots are still my favorite tho!

So that's my mini haul from over the weekend, I wanted to stop by the cosmetics company store but was running late to my class. =( grr next time..
Enjoy the rest of your day!