Friday, August 28, 2009

Glitz and glam

*Glitz & Glam*
The photo was done by my husband of course.
My friend Jill design and creates her own line of jewelry. Jill wanted me to do her make up for her photo shoot. I was delighted since she's going to be using these photos for an ad in Martha Stewart bridal magazine.
All the jewelry that she's wearing were all design by her of course. All hand made and one of a kind design. prefect for wedding.
We did a few different looks, didn't have much time and the weather sucked as well. But we manage and did what we could..
Both looks were done on the same day. I had to wash off the first look then start on the second look. baby wipe def came in handy! Anyways I just wanted to share this with you guys.. Sorry if this blog doesn't make any sense lol I'm in a rush cause I have a really big bridal show this weekend. I'm suppose to be packing up my make up and stuff but here I am blogging lol anyways hubby is yelling at me to get off.. so enjoy and enjoy your weekend guys! Again this isn't my best work at all.. I was just starting out...One thing I love was that her face was glowing!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fall make up

This is me wearing the look, I know you can't really see it but
the only photo I had. This is a month after I had Chloe so I was still super big!
Since then I lost 18 pound! thanks to my diet..

Fall make up- I love fall and love the colors of fall.. Bring on the orange,coral and purples!
I never been scare to use orange or coral, although it looks kinda ugly but it's very pretty on. It's all about picking the right color and putting them together.
These photo's were from a wedding I did.. Make up was done by airbrush.
My pick for this season colors are-
-paint pot-
-Brule -apply all over eye-then apply on brow bone to highlight
-Naked lunch-Apply naked lunch on eyelid
-Coppering-with a blending brush apply on crease and blend very well
-Sketch-add sketch to the outer corner of eye

I wish I can do a whole look on it and go into details but this is the best I can do.
Kids are too needy and now that Chloe can roll over, I have to keep my eyes on her at all time.
Promise to go into better detail guys! But def try these colors out, It's very pretty!
If you guys would like to know how I lost most of my baby weight, Let me know I'll do a whole post about the diet.
I went from 150 to 107 in less then 3 month and I didn't work out at all. It was all hardcore food dieting.
I'm going to be working out once again my DR. gave me the a ok! Wasn't able to work because of my pubic bone but now my Dr. gave me the green light! renew my gym membership! Going back to bike riding again.. ahhh feels great!

I'm back!

Sorry been so mia! I've been so busy with the kids and work..
I'm doing better now, food poisoning was a bitchhhhh.. The pain was out of this world! Ever since I had food poisoning I have cut beef & pork out of my diet. Been beef & pork free for over a month now.
It has also been 3 months since I had Chloe.. I'm down to a size 2 now... Still have to tone up my body and I'm starting to work out again.
Thank you for all the well wishes guys! The kids are doing great! Here is a photo of Chloe and Sonia.. Kai doesn't really like to have his photo taken lol
I'll try to find more time to update!