Monday, December 14, 2009

putting up our tree

Got our beautiful tree love love the smell of a real tree. Love walking into our house and the smell of a Christmas tree nothing like it.
Was quite done with the tree but thought I share with you our x-mas tree.
I haven't even started my Christmas shopping I know so sad but I'm doing it this week and hopefully I got it done and ship out to my family in Texas.
This week is going to be super busy, having to do the x-mas shopping and I have a make-up job on Sunday. One bride and 4 bridesmaid.. should be fun..I was booked all month this month had a awesome time in Texas..
I flew with all three kids by myself on the plane! lol though I was going to die!!!! some people offer to help carry our bags and help out with the kids which was so nice of them! ok Chloe is crying now so I'll be back later!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

shading off my baby weight finally!

top picture was 3 months after giving birth to Chloe

The rest are my new pix

these are my new pix's shaded off my baby weight did it after 3 months of giving birth to baby Chloe. I gained over 55 pound with baby Chloe too!!!! ahhh I made a promise to myself that I have to lose all my baby weight in time for the holidays I did it way before!! Once I have some free time I will def share my diet with you guys!! miss you all!!!